Digital Sales Training &

Ecommerce Website

Starter Package

A Do-It-With-You Approach to Equipping

Your Business for Digital Sales Success

Power. Elegant. Easy. Affordable. Ecommerce Website and Digital Sales Training
Digital Sales Training &  Ecommerce Website  Starter Package

Who’s it for?

This series of rapid deployment online store & training sessions is designed for small and mid-size manufacturers who have not yet tapped into digital sales. It is meant to be a Do-It-With-You sales enablement solution where you will learn the ins-and-outs of online selling and get set up with a full-featured ecommerce platform.

What’s Included

This Sales Enablement Package includes four 90-minute training sessions, four 60-minute hands-on workshops, and world class design and development of

a B2B ecommerce website, fully preparing you to scale your business and sell online.

The Details

Four 60-minute hands-on works sessions. We’ll dive in with you on the areas you need help and get you set up to manage your digital marketing and sales.

Training Session 1

Create a Buyer Persona of Your Ideal Dream Customer

(aka Soulmates)

  • Why identifying your buyer persona plays a critical role with your sales success
  • Let’s take a deep dive into creating your ideal buyer persona (discovering soulmates)
  • Identify their frustrations, challenges, struggles & goals
  • Discover where your soulmates are hanging out & how to connect with them

Training Session 2

Make a Great 1st Webpression Impression) with Your Website

  • Does your website speak the right language to the right buyer
  • Is your website all about you or all about them (your soulmate)?
  • How to create web pages that speak to and attract your ideal buyers
  • Explore how to capture & maximize ecommerce opportunities for your business

Training Session 3

Dominate Search Strategies

  • What is seo and why does it matter?
  • Paid vs unpaid traffic to your website
  • Learn how to use free google tools to make your sales strategy easier & more effective (google analytics, google keyword planner, google my business)
  • Each attendee receives a full website audit report

Training Session 4

Get Offensive with Online Marketplaces and Social Media

  • Explore exciting opportunities with online marketplaces for your business (amazon, walmart, zoro)
  • Get on the offensive with social media strategies to connect with ideal buyers
  • Converting your digital marketing strategies into leads & ecommerce sales

B2B Ecommerce Website

Our rapid deployment solution for manufacturers includes:

  • World class UX design
  • Development & rapid deployment
  • Catalog Browsing and Management
  • Product Browsing
  • Draft Order
  • Optimized Checkout Experience
  • 3 Types of Payment Methods
  • Sales Representative Masquerading
  • Flexible Promotions Engine
  • Promotion and Special Pricing Capabilities
  • Basic Integration with 3 third-party extensions
  • Up to 10 Content Pages
  • Customer Accounts


All of this is included in our Sales Enablement Solution for Manufacturers for $30k.

And what's better than that? Deploy and go-live in about 60 days.

100% out-of-box operational, ability to further extend as your business evolves.

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Above The Fray is an integrated ecommerce agency for growth-ready manufacturers and distributors.

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